Patrick Brannen Homes

PATRICK BRANNEN HOMES began working with Wesley and his team at The Harder Organization in 2003.  Wesley has designed many floor plans for my company with great success and satisfaction.  His ability to listen to my client’s needs has been impressive and refreshing to say the least.  As a custom home builder in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, steep slopes and difficult building sites are a typical issue.  Wesley’s ability to design homes that blend into the mountain sides and local environment is ideal.

Please know that we appreciate the professional relationship that we have developed over the years.  Your attention to detail, ability to know what is always currently desired in our market as well as your personal involvement has been very important to my company.  Your knowledge and experience as an Architect became more and more evident with each design over the years.  That has given me and my home owner’s great comfort and allowed us to really enjoy the process of building your designs in what can be a stressful time.  Also your clear and consistent communication through your design process is invaluable.  Not many Architects can speak the language of a seasoned homebuilder. You and your firm without doubt have this ability.

Without question PATRICK BRANNEN HOMES will continue to work with you and your firm to produce some of the most beautiful homes that Western North Carolina has to offer.

Feel free to refer any potential clients to me.  I would be happy to discuss our very positive experience with you and your firm.

All the best!


Patrick A. Brannen