The Harder Organization will be providing Architectural Stock Plans

The Harder Organization, residential design and land planning is pleased to announce that we will be providing Architectural Stock Plans to purchase.  We will be providing this service in the early spring of 2017.  Our goal will is to provide quick and easy download allow for our clients and individuals requests.

The home design offering that we will be providing, will be for specific needs such as a range of square footages from 1100 to 4800 square feet. These plans will provide various widths from 30 to 70 feet. The product that we provide will offer one and two story designs.  We also will provide plan designs that are various types such as front loaded, side loaded or rear loaded garages.  All plans that we will provide can offer 2 to 5 bedrooms based on the individual and clients specific needs.

The purpose for us expanding this service is due to the fact of the high demand of both our clients and individuals showing a strong interest in purchasing stock plans that can be downloaded .  We continue getting contacted from both clients and individuals that are asking us to provide this service.  In addition, we will be providing the service in our firm to accommodate for changes, alterations and revisions also based on clients and individuals specific needs.

The firm has been in business for over 25 years and we have accumulated a tremendous amount of designs in our archives.  If we can provide this service to our clients that is quick and easy download access to these plans, the volume of service is out there based on our clients needs.  Also we have seen a large interest of individuals requesting specific home designs that they have seen that we have designed.  These individuals are wanting plans to build on their own lots.  We have had numerous accounts of telephone contacts, emails, etc requesting this service.  Plans that ready to be built will be a great service to all needs.

Flexibility of Floor Plan Designs by The Harder Organization

The Harder Organization located in Dallas, Texas is seeing a strong demand from our production home builder clients to provide greater flexibility with their floor plan designs.  Today’s clients are now wanting us to design homes to meet the demands for individual home buyers with various lifestyles.  First time buyer, move up market, empty nesters, millenials, growing family and dual income no kids all designed under one floor plan concept.  To achieve a greater market target.  For instance, a single story design, three bedrooms, two baths can have the flexibility of expanding the floor plan design to a two story with three bedrooms up, two baths, game room.  This now allows the single story three bedroom house to convert to a master bedroom down in lieu of the two bedrooms at first floor level convert one of the secondary bedrooms to a home office and the other secondary bedroom to a formal dining space.  Another example is designing a floor plan with a two car garage allowing a third car option add on to the design.  This will target a move up market or growing family.  Versatility is an important tool in product development and marketing.  Designing homes today now require no wasted space with the initiative to have the flexibility to either or have add on square footage within the floor plan design or have the ability to reconfigure the existing square footage by re-configuring the floor plan designs for the ability to re-use the space.  Some of the things that we are experiencing in our firm in product development of the floor plan designs is having the ability to have additional bedrooms, mother in law suite, guest bedroom at first floor, formal dining rooms, home offices and media spaces.  Have to have the ability to offer this in one floor plan design.  A new generational design of homes today is that we are seeing an interest to allow alternative space with separate access to the space for privacy which allows the home owner to rent this space out for additional income.


Top selling floor plan designs by The Harder Organization

Top selling floor designs by The Harder Organization, allows our clients who are mainly volume builders to be on the forefront for innovate floor plan designs.  The Harder Organization, residential design and land planning is providing concept floor plan designs that have been proven to be the best selling floor plans in the nations metropolitan areas.  We do think that innovative floor plan designs are very important to increase sales of homes for our clients.  For instance, we design homes for builders in two different cities which are showing increased sales results in their markets.

In planning, The Harder Organization emphasizes the importance  to its clients in staying ahead with latest trends and designs to separate them from other builders.  Memory points are very important for potential buyers seeing furnished model homes.  The buyer has probably viewed eight to ten furnished model homes and the builder better implements a design element in their homes the separate them from other builders.  These are memory points that buyers can remember seeing at the furnished model homes.

The Harder Organization also feels it is very important for our builders to provide front exterior elevations that are different than other builders.  We provider steeper roof pitches at the entry porches, more brick patterns, brick and stone combinations and treatments of wood timbers which allows for a better curb appeal.

Alternative floor plan designs allows great flexibility of the floor plan design.  Space usage such  as wall removals which allows greater flexibility of floor plan designs to capture all buyers markets.  It could be a move up market, downsizing, empty nesters, first time buyers.  The allows the buyer to have greater flexibility in the usage of the spaces.

Buyers today are looking for a home that meets their individual lifestyle.   They want to feel like they are buying their own individual home.

Production Builders floor plan designs The Harder Organization

Many of our clients here at The Harder Organization are some of the top largest production home builders nationwide.  For these clients, we have to be innovative in design by allowing greater flexibility for the use of the floor plan design.   For instance, many of our spaces such as formal dining rooms can be converted to a media space that is close to the kitchen.  With emphasis on a larger eating area in the kitchen that allows the home to offer one dining with a media room.  Many of the fourth bedrooms can be converted to home offices.  Our kitchens are designed to provide slide in appliances or built in appliances. This allows the builder to have greater flexibility in pricing of the homes.  Additionally some of the homes we design will have a two story great room(family room) and above it we will allow an option to floor that space in for a media room upstairs.  In this particular case we will provide designs to allow step-up into the media room as much as two feet that allows the great room below to have a two foot higher ceiling than the standard first floor ceiling.

Our homes are designed with swing space options which does not impact the existing square footage.  In some cases we have expanded square footage options.  For example, we can add an expanded 5th bedroom and bathroom which adds additional square footage the base square footage of the home.  Three car tandem garage allows additional square footage within the base squre footage of the house.  A home buyer can buy a two car garage and incorporate the third car tandem space with alternative living square footage of the house.

The Harder Organization is experiencing with our clients now is to help minimize floor plan designs for volume builders but allow for different finish outs to meet the prices for each community.


Micro or Tiny Home Designs by The Harder Organization, Dallas

Micro or Tiny Home Designs by The Harder Organization, Dallas residential design and land planning is seeing a strong demand from house & home builders that are emphasizing on micro and tiny affordable homes.  We are in the process of designing homes 15 feet wide and putting strong emphasis on design for construction cost savings.  We are providing one car rear loaded garage options for these homes to keep the construction costs down.  These homes have a high concentration level of construction cost savings.  Designing these homes on two foot increments allows us to have less waste of materials at job site during construction.  These homes are designed with furniture space plan within the floor plan design.  This allows us to utilize the space to have have no wasted environments with in the home design.  With these small homes, we are using more horizontal windows to allow more natural light and space within.  It allows us to place furniture under the windows.

Stack washer and dryers, tankless on demand hot water systems allows to utilize the square footage to a maximum.  Built in banquette at eating area maximizes square footage.  Low pitch roofs keeps the cost down and allows us to create a more contemporary look.  Skylights at ceilings allows us to have more natural light.  Kitchens to have a more contemporary look by not having upper cabinets but having open shelving. Boxed out windows allows for a look of a larger space.

Micro and Tiny home designs is an alternative affordable housing such as millenial buyer.  It is important for the builders to provide affordable housing for all potential buyers.  Lets face it,  the American dream is to own a home, and lets not lose that fact.  It is important that we all meet the new challenges in being more innovative and creative to meet the demands for affordable homes for all house and home buyers.