The Harder Organization will be providing Architectural Stock Plans

The Harder Organization, residential design and land planning is pleased to announce that we will be providing Architectural Stock Plans to purchase.  We will be providing this service in the early spring of 2017.  Our goal will is to provide quick and easy download allow for our clients and individuals requests.

The home design offering that we will be providing, will be for specific needs such as a range of square footages from 1100 to 4800 square feet. These plans will provide various widths from 30 to 70 feet. The product that we provide will offer one and two story designs.  We also will provide plan designs that are various types such as front loaded, side loaded or rear loaded garages.  All plans that we will provide can offer 2 to 5 bedrooms based on the individual and clients specific needs.

The purpose for us expanding this service is due to the fact of the high demand of both our clients and individuals showing a strong interest in purchasing stock plans that can be downloaded .  We continue getting contacted from both clients and individuals that are asking us to provide this service.  In addition, we will be providing the service in our firm to accommodate for changes, alterations and revisions also based on clients and individuals specific needs.

The firm has been in business for over 25 years and we have accumulated a tremendous amount of designs in our archives.  If we can provide this service to our clients that is quick and easy download access to these plans, the volume of service is out there based on our clients needs.  Also we have seen a large interest of individuals requesting specific home designs that they have seen that we have designed.  These individuals are wanting plans to build on their own lots.  We have had numerous accounts of telephone contacts, emails, etc requesting this service.  Plans that ready to be built will be a great service to all needs.