Top selling floor plan designs by The Harder Organization

Top selling floor designs by The Harder Organization, allows our clients who are mainly volume builders to be on the forefront for innovate floor plan designs.  The Harder Organization, residential design and land planning is providing concept floor plan designs that have been proven to be the best selling floor plans in the nations metropolitan areas.  We do think that innovative floor plan designs are very important to increase sales of homes for our clients.  For instance, we design homes for builders in two different cities which are showing increased sales results in their markets.

In planning, The Harder Organization emphasizes the importance  to its clients in staying ahead with latest trends and designs to separate them from other builders.  Memory points are very important for potential buyers seeing furnished model homes.  The buyer has probably viewed eight to ten furnished model homes and the builder better implements a design element in their homes the separate them from other builders.  These are memory points that buyers can remember seeing at the furnished model homes.

The Harder Organization also feels it is very important for our builders to provide front exterior elevations that are different than other builders.  We provider steeper roof pitches at the entry porches, more brick patterns, brick and stone combinations and treatments of wood timbers which allows for a better curb appeal.

Alternative floor plan designs allows great flexibility of the floor plan design.  Space usage such  as wall removals which allows greater flexibility of floor plan designs to capture all buyers markets.  It could be a move up market, downsizing, empty nesters, first time buyers.  The allows the buyer to have greater flexibility in the usage of the spaces.

Buyers today are looking for a home that meets their individual lifestyle.   They want to feel like they are buying their own individual home.