Micro or Tiny Home Designs by The Harder Organization, Dallas

Micro or Tiny Home Designs by The Harder Organization, Dallas residential design and land planning is seeing a strong demand from house & home builders that are emphasizing on micro and tiny affordable homes.  We are in the process of designing homes 15 feet wide and putting strong emphasis on design for construction cost savings.  We are providing one car rear loaded garage options for these homes to keep the construction costs down.  These homes have a high concentration level of construction cost savings.  Designing these homes on two foot increments allows us to have less waste of materials at job site during construction.  These homes are designed with furniture space plan within the floor plan design.  This allows us to utilize the space to have have no wasted environments with in the home design.  With these small homes, we are using more horizontal windows to allow more natural light and space within.  It allows us to place furniture under the windows.

Stack washer and dryers, tankless on demand hot water systems allows to utilize the square footage to a maximum.  Built in banquette at eating area maximizes square footage.  Low pitch roofs keeps the cost down and allows us to create a more contemporary look.  Skylights at ceilings allows us to have more natural light.  Kitchens to have a more contemporary look by not having upper cabinets but having open shelving. Boxed out windows allows for a look of a larger space.

Micro and Tiny home designs is an alternative affordable housing such as millenial buyer.  It is important for the builders to provide affordable housing for all potential buyers.  Lets face it,  the American dream is to own a home, and lets not lose that fact.  It is important that we all meet the new challenges in being more innovative and creative to meet the demands for affordable homes for all house and home buyers.